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5 gallon container


Switch Plate Lube 446C is a sprayable gel designed to lubricate switch plates and protect them from corrosion and wear. It’s low, solvent thinned, viscosity formulation allows it to penetrate rusty and dirty built up outer layers, and to carry its protective ingredients to the solid surface of the switch plate. Upon evaporation of solvent it forms a gel like, semisolid film, which is extremely water resistant and has excellent lubricity. It contains molybdenum disulfide to provide added lubricity and superior load carrying capabilities. The combination of fluid and solid lubricants allows for easy movement and excellent wear protection. It remains pliable and does not become brittle even under wet, dusty, dirty, gritty and abrasive conditions.

  • Easy to use Low Viscosity Form
  • Forms Thick Water Resistant Film
  • Contains Molybdenum Disulfide
  • Protects From Rusting and Corrosion
  • Lubricates for Easy Switch Movement
  • Effective in Harsh Environments
  • Extremely Water Resistant

Application: If possible before application, the surface of the switch should be swept or scraped to remove dirt, sand, gravel, cinders etc. Switch Plate Lube M-80B can be brushed,
mopped, or sprayed on. Allow time for the solvent to evaporate before using switch. Some settling of the product may occur during storage. If this does occur, light agitation may be

Switch Plate Lube 446C SDS

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