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MT Gear Lube is a traction motor gear lubricant designed for traction motor gearboxes on railroad diesel engines of all types. It was specially designed to lubricate the higher horsepower output per axle, traction motor drive units, developed by GE and EMD. This formulation is a non-leaded product to avoid the environmental problems associated with handling and disposal of leaded products. Even though it was developed for “newer” traction motor units, it is applicable to all older units that called for the products that contained leaded EP additives. This unique product is specially packaged in one-pound polyethylene bags for ease of application. These bags are placed directly into the traction motor gear case, bag and all, and the bag gets ground, dispersed, and integrated into the gear lubricant. It incorporates a unique combination of lithium soap thickeners and very high viscosity oils and additives. This combination provides long life protection to the gears and resists leakage from the gear case. Some companies have also used MT Gear Lube for very large open gears, throwing the bag directly into the meshing gears where it gets crushed and applied with no mess to the operator.


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6 – 1 lb Direct Application Bags, 48 – 1 lb Direct Application Bags, 12- 1.75 lb Squeeze Pouches