MOW Inspector Kit




MOW Inspector Kit

The All-In-One MOW Inspector Kit

1 – Rail Wear Gage
1 – Rail Adjustment Thermometer
1 – Speedliner, for Measuring Rail Curve Alignment: complete with carrying case, measures 31′ & 62′ alignment and 62′ profile
1 – Inspection Mirror with Extendable Arm: 3½ x 2, .16 lb.
1 – Track Inspector Tape: 1″ x 25′ with magnetic tip
1 – Taper Gauge: 1/16 TO 7/8 imperial
1 – Frog Flangeway Gauge: with certification included
1 – Markal BPM – Yellow Ball Paint Marker – 2 oz.
1 – Hand Tally Counter: steel case
1 – Frog Straight Edge and Ruler: measures tread wear, point wear, flangeway depth, raised guard, housing clearance and mre; stainless steel straight edge and ruler; 6″ ruler with reference slider for easy and accurate measuring; Frog standards inscribed on straight edge
1 – Step Gage for Track Measurement: 16 step 1/8” to 2” in 1/8” increments
1 – Switch Lockout Tag: large gourmet 5/8 for switch locks; made of no-rip vinyl for long service; 3″ X 5.75″ single sided; Out of Service M.O.W. (Red)
1 – Toolbox

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 21 × 13 in