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Husqvarna K1270 Rail Saw


For use with a 16 inch blade

The Model K 1270 Railsaw is a 7.8 H.P. Gas Powered rail-saw specifically design for cutting rail. It has an Active Air Filtration system reducing wear and tear, helping minimize maintenance costs. A Precision Clamp ensures every cut is at a right angle, every time. Well balanced – ergonomic handles, improved anti-vibration system enables the operator to produce quick and easy cuts with less fatigue.

Engine Type: Two Stroke, Air Cooled
Displacement: 119 C.C.
Power: 7.8 HP/5.8 kW
Weight (excl. cutting equipment): 45 lbs
Bar Length: 16 inch
Arbor bushing: 1 inch

Additional information

Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 39 × 14 in

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