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Cembre Rail Drilling Machines have been specifically designed for use in Railway applications to provide a consistent and accurate hole, in all types of weather conditions.

Due to their compact size, Cembre drills can save considerable time by allowing direct operation in cases which would normally require the removal of armament. Special twist drill bits can be used for hole diameters of 9/32 to 1 1/8” on rail up to 3 1/2” thick.

Broach cutters can be used for hole diameters 3/4” to 1 1/2” on rails up to 2 3/4” thick.

The units are lightweight and designed for single operator use.

The drills are provided with the following items:

  • DBG-FY Over Rail Clamp: For clamping drilling machine to rail web and track fittings
  • SR 5000 Coolant Unit (pressure vessel and hose, fitted with a manual pump and max. pressure valve) Connection to drilling machine is by quick coupler
  • Oil for Gear Box*
  • Small Tool Kit – (spark plug key*, allen keys. swarf brush)
  • Socket Head Screws
  • ARE Adaptor – For external application of coolant
  • Guide Bits (For use with broach cutters) PPC2 (7/8″) and PPL2 (2″)
  • DPE Spacer (For use with spiral bits) – to activate coolant when using spiral drill bits


RRT-8503104 / LD-1PY-ECO – 2 CYCLE GAS
Weight 41.8 lbs.
Motor power 1.4 kW
Motor power 1.9 HP
Displacement 45.4 cm3
Engine 2 cycles
Fuel 2% oil/gasoline mixture
Start by rope pull
Clutch Centrifugal with automatic intervention


RRT-8503106 / LD-41PY – 4 CYCLE GAS
Weight 42.9 lbs.
Motor power 1 kW
Motor power 1.3 HP
Displacement 35.8 cm3
Engine four cycle
Fuel unloaded regular grade gasoline
Start by rope pull
Clutch Centrifugal with automatic intervention


RRT-2870010 / LD – 8H – HYDRAULIC
Minimum thickness of the rail 9/32
Maximum thickness of the rail 1 1/2
Oil input flow 5 gpm
Oil input pressure 2,000 psi
Motor power 2 KW
Engine Hydrauic
Weight 44 lbs


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Hydraulic, Gas 2 Cycle, Gas 4 Cycle, Electric