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ne easy motion allows the user quick access to the Tomahawk Mini Brake Stick.

The bag is designed to be worn on the back. When the stick is needed, grab Tomahawk head and rotate to the front of your body. Release velcro and remove stick. Repositon the bag behind you before continuing to work. Putting the stick away is similar to removing: quickly and easily reposition bag to the front, unfasten velcro, and insert the brake stick with the head exposed.

Important Practices:

2 Modes of Tear-Away:

The first mode is simple velcro at the lower end of the strap. This velcro will, when pulled fairly hard, release – however it is strong enough to allow the bag to stay on in adverse conditions.

The second mode is mechanical: It is important that the strap be configured into the mechanical device as show on the attached label. Failure to lace correctly will result in the mechanical safety feature failing and not releasing, if needed. It is recommended that the process of lacing the mechanical device be practiced prior to releasing the bag into the field. When testing, have someone pull on the bag from behind or to the side to check that the release function is laced and working correctly.

Note: By design the mechanical safety device will release first and the velcro is only a second layer of protection should the mechanical device fail.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in