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Developed specifically for the measurement of the movable parts of a switch and additionally the AAR profile


AAR Wheel Profiles: Indicator at 60 degree plane.

Free-Wheel Clearance (FWC) Switch Opening / Throw

This is the dimension between the running edge of the stock rail and the rear face of the adjacent switch point.
Free Wheel Clearance: 1-9/16″ to 5-23/32″ (38 mm to 120 mm)

Free-Wheel Passage (FWP)

This is the dimension between the rear face of an open switch and the running edge of the closed switch point.

Free Wheel Passage: 53-15/16″ to 55-1/8″ (1370 mm to 1400 mm)

The RRT-ABT4670 is also fitted with AAR 1BWF wheel profiles on its upper face to aid the visual inspection of switch rail wear when the gauge is turned upside down. Indicator line at 60 degree plane.

Back to Back: Nominal 53-5/8″, Range: 52-15/16″ to 53-3/16″
(Nominal: 1362 mm, Range: 1344.6 mm to 1350.96 mm)


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