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NO-OX-ID “A-SPECIAL” is the electrical contact grease of choice for new electrical installations and maintenance. NO-OX-ID is an electrically conductive grease that keeps metals free from rust and corrosion. This electrically conductive grease which has been used in the power industry for over 65 years to prevent corrosion in electrical connectors from low micro-power electronics to high-voltage switchgear. NO-OX-ID electrical grease prevents the formation of oxides, sulfides, and other corrosion deposits on copper, aluminum, and steel surfaces and conductors.

Toxicity: All NO-OX-ID products are produced from pure virgin clean raw materials and are RoHS compliant. That is why NO-OX-ID A-Special has received health certification from the EPA under NSF-Std 61 for use in drinking water tanks and is USDA approved as an electrical contact grease and general lubricant for meat & poultry plants.

NO-OX-ID A-Special Electrical is a USDA-approved conductive grease compound and rust preventive that prevent corrosion and lubricates electrical connections. Other NO-OX-ID electrically conductive grease and conductive lubricants include NO-OX-ID “A”, NO-OX-ID “A-Special 200” and NO-OX-ID “E”.


NO-OX-ID is not a grease that can be washed off and breakdown in the presence of water or acid, it is a moisture and corrosion resistant rust preventive compound.

Why should you use NO-OX-ID A-Special on your battery terminals?

NO-OX-ID prevents the premature death of your battery by preventing the white corrosion material from forming on the posts. When this white corrosion appears on your battery terminals it exponentially reduces the charge to the battery and from the battery to your engine. This excessive corrosion resistance formation will shorten your battery life. To ensure good starts throughout the year, the condition of your battery posts (keeping them free of corrosion) is as important as changing your car’s oil.

Battery corrosion is a serious business, which is why most major industrial companies recommend the use of NO-OX-ID on backup battery systems and critical electrical connections. Industrial battery companies prefer NO-OX-ID for field applications because they cannot afford to replace battery cells due to overheating and failure from corrosion, and neither can you!

How to Apply Conductive Grease to Battery Terminals:

  1. Disconnect the connector from the terminal. When taking the battery out first disconnect the negative terminal (-), then disconnect the positive (+).
  2. Degrease the terminal post.
  3. Neutralize the area – this is normally done with baking soda & water (1 lb/ 1 gal.)
  4. Use a toothpick size steel wire brush to buff the face of the terminal post until the face is bright lead.
  5. Next, apply a light coating of NO-OX-ID A-Special to all four faces of the terminal post.
  6. Reattach the cables to the battery. When reattaching the battery, first connect the positive (+) connection then reattach the negative terminal (-).



Available in a variety of sizes!

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"A" (For High Heat), "A" Special


8 oz can w/brush, 8 oz plastic jar, 8 oz tube, 1 pint can, 1 gallon can