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Permanent Mount Hinged Blue Flag Assembly

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Permanent Mount Hinged Blue Flag Assembly

Sign is 100% reflective-new diamond grade reflects 3 times more than engineering grade
Integrated photocell automatically activates at dusk/dawn and saves battery life
Entire unit is powder coated blue for increased durability
Flush mount switch is more durable and withstands moisture better than toggle switches on competing brands.
Runs up to 5000 hrs or 417 days on two 45 Ah Alkaline batteries (flashing 12 h a day)(6v lantern batteries)
Rear shock absorbs protect light in down position and keeps it off the ground.
Improved optics designed specifically for L.E.D’s
Two blue LED’s greatly enhance battery life and safety
Welded, positive locking latch can easily be locked/unlocked (with your foot) without bending down
Base plate accepts two spikes or can be bolted to the tie.

Additional information

Weight 23.00 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 49 × 13 in

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