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Heavy Duty Manual Switch Stand


Model 1004ARS Heavy Duty Manual Switch Stand

Designed for service with high speed heavy main line traffic as well as yard use where imparied or closed clearances require a low stand.

Ergonomically sound with angled and longer switch stand handle which is designed to reduce back compression and prevent back injuries.


Since switch stands wear more from vibration and shock than from actual use, all parts are designed for durability and long service life.

Dead center throw operation

Heavier rail sections, longer switch points, and heavier accessories add considerably to the load which must be moved by a hand operated switch stand. The ingenious yoke and toggle arrangement of the switch stand puts leverage into the operators hands when needed most.

Consistent construction, when spares are needed, they will fit!

Weight: 250 lbs – Ships complete with target, latches, and connecting rod.

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Weight 250 lbs