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Forklift Mounted Hopper Gate Opener


The Door Demon® “Fork Devil” Forklift Mounted Hopper Gate Opener is one of the most economical openers we manufacture, but it is just as powerful as the rest.
This unit’s hydraulic motor is powered by the hydraulic system of the forklift or other fork equipped device via the auxiliary hydraulic ports. This makes the Fork Devil a great solution where power options such as air and electric are not available.

The 6-5/8” pockets of the Fork Devil fit most standard forks without modification. There are two sets of pockets on the unit which allow the operator to open hopper gates from either a parallel or perpendicular position to the railcar.

Increasing safety for your operators has always been our number one priority. The “Fork Devil”, an remarkably portable unit, removes the risk associated with placing operators physically under the railcar. A single person can operate the unit. The unit can be mounted from either the side or the back of the opener itself.

We can customize your “Fork Devil” to fit on any forklift. Our Arnold Company product specialists manufacture the drive shaft length according to your needs.

Approximate Lead Time: 1 – 2 weeks


  • Prevents injury
  • Single-person operation
  • Extremely portable
  • Removes operator from under the railcar


  • Pockets fit most standard forks
  • Utilizes forklift’s hydraulics – no other power source needed.
  • Built in hydraulic flow control
  • Mounts from side or back of opener