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The “DR Winch” Double Rope Winch Boxcar Opener makes the tough job of opening sliding doors easy, and most importantly, safe.
Here’s how the “DR Winch” can improve overall safety and productivity for your operators.
Boxcar doors are not only difficult to open, but they can be dangerous, especially if the door is damaged or the load has shifted. Two powerful winches enable the “DR Winch” to anchor itself to the boxcar while pulling the sliding door open. The winches use synthetic rope which is stronger than steel cable and will not whip or backlash if cut.

The long control cord or optional remote control allows the operator to be positioned safely out of harm’s way during the entire opening or closing process.

Similar to the “Door Buster” combination boxcar opener, the “DR Winch” has the option of a remote control which supports safety efforts while increasing productivity and reducing downtime. Since boxcars arrive in a variety of conditions, this unit works to eliminate and additional damage to the boxcar itself, as well as prevent operator injury.

The “DR Winch” double rope winch boxcar opener improves overall safety and productivity for your operators and facility.

Approximate Lead Time: 2 – 3 weeks


  • Prevents operator injury
  • Prevents boxcar damage
  • Single person operation
  • Meets OSHA standards
  • Reduces downtime and increases productivity



  • Forklift mounted
  • DC battery power with built in charger
  • Double winches allow safe anchoring while opening the boxcar
  • Synthetic rope will not whip or backlash
  • Optional remote control available