Cembre Battery Operated Rail Drill – Rain Proof

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  • Needs no combustible fuel or mains power: the powerful 36V 6.2Ah battery promotes safe remote working
  • Zero Emissions: no fumes to pollute underground and tunnel working.
  • Very low acoustic impact: allows night work in urban areas
  • Low HAV levels: helps safeguard operators physical health
  • Optimized effort: LED indication of ideal advancing speed during operation conserves power
  • Powerful LEDs light work area: for precise positioning and safety in the dark
  • Integrated battery: minimizes size and weight
  • Interlocked switch: to avoid accidental activation
  • Fast fit broach cutter: compatible with Weldon shank and push/turn fixing types
  • Rapid charging: 45 min for full battery charge


  • Drilling Range: Ø 9/32” to 1 5/16”
  • Speed of the shaft without load: 260 rpm
  • Weight with battery and clamping device DBG: 40.7 lbs
  • Dimensions L x P x H: 19.2 x 10.3 x 19.1 inc.
  • Battery: 36V-6,2 Ah Li-Ion with LED residual charge indicator


  • Safety alarms by means of flashing LED indicate: max current absorption, battery under voltage or wrong insertion, diagnostic issue, battery/motor over temperature, max continuous operating time reached
  • Accepts Weldon shank and push/turn broach cutter fixings
  • A special design of the plastic body optimizes motor cooling
  • Multi-function operating button: ON-OFF with interlocking and step function for indexing the shaft

The drills are provided with the following items:

  • DBG-FY Over Rail Clamp: For clamping drilling machine to rail web and track fittings
  • SR 5000 Coolant Unit (pressure vessel and hose, fitted with a manual pump and max. pressure valve) Connection to drilling machine is by quick coupler
  • Small Tool Kit – (, allen keys. swarf brush)
  • Socket Head Screws
  • ARE Adaptor – For external application of coolant
  • Guide Bits (For use with broach cutters) PPC2 (7/8″) and PPL2 (2″)
  • DPE Spacer (For use with spiral bits) – to activate coolant when using spiral drill bits
  • Threaded pin for securing Quick push/turn cutters
  • Wingnuts for securing KPAF templates
  • Battry CB 3662L (Qty2)
  • Canvas Bag with compartments for two batteries and the battery charger
Minimum diameter of the hole 0.28 in.
Maximum diameter of the hole 1.3 in.
Maximum thickness of the rail 1.97 in.
Battery material Li-Ion
Battery current 6.2 Ah
Battery voltage 36 V
Length 28.35 in.
Width 10.28 in.
Height 19.09 in.
Weight 40.7 lbs.

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