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The Tomahawk magnetic brake stick will reduce cost and potentially further reduce the chance of injury.

All the great qualities of our standard stick with the added benefits of a magnetic.

Strong neodymium magnet holds stick on car or locomotive when operating cut leavers and other tasks when brake stick is not needed. Stick is always with the employee.

Brake stick with magnetic holding device attached – Reduces chance of damage to stick from tossing on ballast. Bending over for the stick is reduced by having the stick placed on a car. The brake stick also remains at viewing height and will reduce a tripping hazard by not being placed on the ground.

Safe transport of the stick for crews moving about yards – keeps the stick with you, while still having full use of both hands. Riding cars during movements for example, stores the stick safely on car or locomotive during moves.


The Tomahawk Brake Stick is proudly manufactured by BIG STIK®

US PATENT D663,193
US PATENT D676, 735
US PATENT 8,434,802
US PATENT 8,469,425
US PATENT 8,469,426
Canadian PATENT CA2741902

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