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Aluminum level and gauge. 13 lbs.


Arema Track Gauge

This Roadmaster’s Aluminum Level & Gauge #14-AL is ideal for all maintenance of way operations, particularly when checking large sections of track that require multiple measurements to meet federal safety standards.

This tool meets AREMA plan #27 latest revisions and is forged from a single piece of aluminum. It weighs in at just 13.10 lbs., making it easily transportable. It integrates a standard-width 4 foot, 8.5-inch measurement gauge with a built-in level to check for gauge and elevation discrepancies on railroad track, making it a useful multi-purpose tool.

Add it to your crew’s tool truck today to ensure they always have what they need to check track gauge, level, and safety. Be sure to check out more production equipment neccesary for the job today.

Quick Specs

Meets AREMA plan #27 latest revisions
Combination Level and Gauge
Tool that integrates a track gauge, level and elevation scale
13.10 lbs.

Your tool arsenal is not complete without railroad gauges! We offer many varieties for this essential tool – easily measure gauge, height and stagger, curve alignment, rail wear, test lateral strength, and many other components of track. From the standard AREMA Track Gauge to the most modern laser track gauges RRTools supplies the railway industry with the best selection of track gauges. We offer many gauges in both imperial and metric units of measure. Transit Systems, Class 1, Short lines, and contractors we have the railroad gauges specific to your needs.

Track inspectors – we have you covered with a kit that includes everything you need to have on hand.

Rule 1 and car and locomotive gauges also available!

Call or email RR Tools today for your top railway industry tools!

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 65 × 7 × 7 in