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Fuel Storage Cans Type I and II


Type I Safety Cans

Can Size: 5 Gallons
11.5″ D x 16.375″ H
Can/Funnel Color: Red/Yellow


Type I Compliant cans are designed with a single spout for filling and pouring
The self-closing, leak proof lid provides security from spills and leaks
Has a swinging handle to greatly ease carrying heavier loads
Unique counterbalance, ergonomic design, with full-fisted grip handle offers gravity assisted pouring to stop flashback ignition
To protect against rupture or explosion, positive pressure relief mechanism automatically vents between 3 and 5 PSI
Heavy duty, high grade coated steel construction features special reinforced ribs to strenghthen sidewalls for extra “bumper guard” protection
Finished in a tough powder coat paint, cans resist chemicals and stand up to heavy abuse
It meets OSHA and NFPA requirements and is certified by FM, UL, and ULC
Exclusive “stay-on” funnel design with a flexible hinge – Easy to fill, easy to pour
For safe, leak-free pouring into smaller openings, the funnel attaches quickly
A large rounded bowl provides protection from splashing and spillage
The innovative hinged design allows you to fill or pour from the can without removing the funnel and takes up less space during storage
Durable polypropylene material

Type II Safety Cans

Type II safety cans are made from leak proof terne plate (lead/tin coated steel) so flammable liquids can be transported safely. The powder coat finish resists solvents, acids, and alkalis. The built in flexible hose gives you spill-free pouring. There’s a swinging handle designed for easy handling, a free-flow flame arrester to stop flashback ignition, and a relief mechanism that vents pressure at 5 PSI. UL listed and FM approved.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 12 × 12 in

With Funnel, With 1" x 9" Hose