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Clamps for switch rod adjustment: achieve 100% closure of point to stock rail during adjustment.

Tough high pressure clamps allow employees to pull and hold even the most stubborn switch point for adjustment.
Capable of 4800 pounds of clamping pressure.
Safe and productive, as they offer quick and simple adjustment.
Forged sliding arm design reduces clamping setup time.
New hex nut design makes replacing pads and spindles easy.
Copper plated spindles and Perma-Pads® resist welding spatter.
Exclusive, ergonomic Wilton-Grip® provides comfort, speed and visibility (included on many sizes).

These heavy duty clamps we offer due to seeing in the field on many occasions lightweight, hardware store style clamps trying to be used in railroad work, and particularly switch alignment. The result is clamps that bend and points with gaps between stock rail and point.

The Ultimate Clamp offers 4800 pounds of pressure the employee can apply for optimum lay-up. By using the Ultimate Clamp and achieving lay-up of points correctly, extended wear can be achieved of your components and the unlikeliness of near future adjustment and or failures.

The clamp offers safety for employees in that they no longer must improvise on methods to tighten small clamps (ie. no more cheater bars), possibly leading to the chance the small clamps could break causing injury.

The Ultimate Clamps are suggested to be purchased in groups of three, this allows crews the ability to clamp most any switch size.

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12", 20"