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Conveyor Mounted Hopper Gate Opener


The Door Demon® “Conveyor Fly” Conveyor Mounted Hopper Gate Opener is designed to mount to several popular styles of unloading conveyors.
This solves the common issue of getting railcar hopper gates open while the conveyor is in place, as there is often no room for a separate powered opener. While the Conveyor Fly does use the 12 volt battery of the conveyor, it does not tap into the conveyor’s hydraulics. The hydraulic motor is powered by a self-contained DC over hydraulic system, providing powerful smooth continuous torque to open the toughest gates.

The hydraulic motor and shaft ride from side to side on a 4” beam. This allows the opener to be used on either side of the conveyor, on moving capstans, and on any width gate while still aligning the product drop point to the conveyor. The Conveyor Fly controls are conveniently positioned near the conveyor controls, allowing the operator to manage flow speed and belt speed at the same time.

The “Conveyor Fly” conveyor mounted model operates from either side of the conveyor thereby helping to prevent operator injuries.

Approximate Lead Time: 4 – 6 weeks

  • Prevents operator injury
  • Increases unloading speed
  • No outside power source needed
  • Single-person operation
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Smooth, continuous torque
  • DC battery over hydraulic power
  • Self-contained hydraulic system
  • Mounts to many popular conveyors
  • Operates from either side of conveyor
  • Conveyor and gate opener can operate at the same time