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Forged Track Tools Index
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Anchor and Nail Extractor Axe Eye Cutter Mattock Backing Out Punch Broad Head Bull Pin Bull Pin Carpenter Adze Chisel End Tamping Bar Claw Bar Coal Pick Coal Wedge Cold Cutting Chisel Connecting Bar Construction Straight Chisel Slate Bar Construction Erection Wrench Contractor's Pick Cross Pein Sledge Cutter Mattock Double ClawWrecking Bar Double End Track Wrench Double Square Point Clay Pick Diamond Point Lining Bar Die Setting Up U-Shaped Pry Bar Double Face Sledge Drifting Pick Drift Pin Expansion Wedge Forest Adze Hoe Foundry Wedge Grub Hoe Heat TreatedWrecking Bar Hot Cutting Chisel Hot Welder's Chisel Jimmy Wedge Joint BreakingWedge Long Striking Hammer Light Cutter Mattock Manhole Cover Lifters Mason Hammer Mine Pinch Bar Napping Hammer Offset Pinch Bar Oregon Splitting Wedge Peerless or Pencil Point Bar Pick Mattock Spiking Tool Switch and Snow Broom
Page 2 Cutter Mattock
Pick Mattock
Track Adze
Carpenter Adze
Grub Hoe
Railroad Clay Pick
Page 3 Double Square Point Clay Pick
Tamping Pick "V"
Page 5 Wood Choppers Maul-Oregon Oval Eye
Wood Choppers Maul-Oregon Axe Eye
Ship or Top Maul
Spike Maul-Bell Pattern-Steel
Spike Maul-Bell Pattern-Alloy
Spike Maul-Standard Pattern
Page 8 Straight Pein Sledge
Double Face Sledge
Double Face Sledge with Contoured Ground Faces
Napping Hammer
Page 9 Construction Erection Wrench
Construction Erection Wrench-Heavy
Pinch Point Crow Bar
Wedge Point Crow Bar
Diamond Point Lining Bar
Telegraph Lining Bar
San Angelo Digging Bar
Post Hole Digger & Tamping Bar
Claw Bar
Special Railroad Mini Spike Puller
Page 10 Double Claw Wrecking Bar
Heat Treated Wrecking Bar
Offset Pinch Bar
Straight Fit-Up Pinch Bar
Page 11 Timber Bar
Pinch Bar with Heel
Rolling Head Pry Bar
Stripping Bar-Claw and Chisel Ends
Stripping Bar-Double Chisel Ends
Rail Anchor Application Bar
Straight Pinch Bar
Page 14 Hot Cutting Chisel
Track Chisel
Nut Cutter
Page 15 Round Punch
Tie Plug Punch
Round Track Punch
Rail Tong
Tie Tong
Timber Tong
Page 16 Drift Pin
AREMA Drift Pin
Bull Pin
Broad Head Bull Pin
Double End Track Wrench
Single End Track Wrench
Speed Wrench/Ratchet Action Wrench
Spike Puller
Spike Lifter
Rail Fork
Dead Head Driver
Page 17 Ballast Fork
AREMA Track Shovel
Insulated Track Shovel
Switch Broom
AREMA Spiking Tool
Drain Spades
Page 18 Nipping Bar-Spoon
Nipping Fork
Winch and Chain Binder Bars
Pinch Bar with Heel Pinch Point Crow Bar Post Hole Digger & Tamping Bar Puller Hook Bar Rail Anchor Application Bar Rail Tong Rolling Head Pry Bar Round Punch Round Track Punch Railroad Clay Pick San Angelo Digging Bar Ship Scraper/Double End Scrapers Ship or Top Maul Short Hand Drilling Hammer Short Striking Hammer Slate Bar Single End Track Wrench Spalling Hammer Spike Maul-Bell Pattern Spike Maul-Standard Pattern Spike Puller Square Head Wedge Standard Wrecking Bar Stone Sledge Straight Pein Sledge Straight Fit-Up Pinch Bar Stripping Bar-Double Chisel Ends Stripping Bar-Claw and Chisel Ends Straight Pinch Bar Tamping Pick V Telegraph Lining Bar Tie Plug Punch Tie Tong Timber Bar Timber Tong Track Adze Track Chisel Truckman's Bent Chisel Slate Bar Warehouse Loading or Jimmy Bar Warehouse Bar Offset And Straight Small Chisel Wedge Point Crow Bar Wood Choppers Maul-Oregon Axe Eye Wood Choppers Maul-Oregon Oval Eye AREMA Track Shovel Ballast Fork
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